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Polishing Gravers - The Best Process I've Ever Seen

For the absolute ultimate in graver polishing, get 3M Abrasive PSA Diamond Lap Films in both .1 and .5 micron. Available from Rio Grande, this amazing peel-and-stick material simply redefines graver polishing. To use, apply the 6" lap film to a blank aluminum lap (also available from Rio Grande), place on the Power Hone, and gently polish the heels and faces of both high speed steel and carbide gravers to a glassy, mirror-like finish. For jewelry and western engravers that need the ultimate in polished gravers, these 3M lap films will dazzle you. Get both grits and use them in steps.

PROS: The brightest, sharpest, mirror-like finish you'll ever see. Polishes all graver material including carbide.
CONS: About $16.95 ea, but worth every cent. Must be handled and stored carefully.

Rio Grande - toll free:
Part number: 200-160 (.5 micron)
Part number: 200-161 (.1 micron)



Thanks to Blaine Lewis for this great tip.

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