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New Life For Old Diamond Laps


Finer laps, especially the 1200 grit, seem to wear out on the first 2-inches from the outside. Instead of tossing the lap, GRS instructor Tod Daniels turns the lap down on his lathe, cutting away the worn portion. The one pictured at left is a bit over 3" in diameter.

A trip to the hardware store for a socket head screw and nylon bushing is all that's needed.


Tod stacks the laps with coarse full size lap on the bottom and the small 1200 lap on the top. With this arrangement he can quickly go from one grit to the other without changing laps.

For fast face and heel sharpening, I like a small 600 on top and a ceramic on the bottom. Any combination can be used, so don't throw those old laps away! The cutting surface near the core is usually pretty good on a worn lap. Tutorial end