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Hand Engraving Classes - Beginner to Expert

Jewelry Engraving - Knife Engraving - Gun Engraving - Intaglio Engraving - Hobo Nickels - Gold Inlay
Coat-of-Arms - Seal Engraving - Lettering - Ring Engraving - Signets - Micro Lettering - Sculpting
Gold Overlay - Scrollwork - Bulino

I teach four to six hand engraving classes a year at GRS in Emporia, Kansas. The classes are limited to 12 students, and you will enjoy 40 hours of hands-on training. If you are interested in attending one of my classes, e-mail me with your name, address, and phone number and I'll send you information.

GRS hand engraving classes are the finest classes available anywhere. Their new state-of-the-art classrooms provide the perfect environment for engraving study, and each bench is equipped with the latest and greatest equipment. The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly. If you wish to purchase equipment after the class you may do so. There is no pressure to make sales.

The engraving and stonesetting instructors at GRS are acknowledged industry professionals and are among the finest engravers in the world. They are in frequent communication with each other (as well as with other engravers), and share ideas, techniques, and the latest tips & tricks. The instructors, with their vast experience in training hundreds of people, have developed innovative teaching techniques which allow students to learn quickly and engrave beautiful designs in a few short hours. If you want the best training, this is it. If there was something better, I'd be teaching there. Don't take my word for it, though. Read my student testimonials and see for yourself. Also check out the Student Gallery to see the results of people who have taken my classes.

-Student Testimonials
-Student Photo Gallery

"Can I learn to engrave?" 
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GRS classes now available in Europe!
The prestigious Alexandre School of Optical Diamond Setting in Antwerp, Belgium hosts engraving classes, and now Europeans have easy access to the same great GRS classes taught here in the USA. Spend a week with me or one of the other GRS instructors in the heart of the Antwerp diamond district! [more info]
Private Instruction

If you prefer intensive personal training, you can work side by side with me in my home studio in Louisiana. We will work on a variety of exercises and projects, beginning with the basics and progressing to complex designs engraved in brass and steel. I welcome students of all ages and levels of experience, including beginner, intermediate, advanced, hobbyist or professional, for jewelry, firearms, and knife engraving. No experience necessary, and you will use the latest and greatest GRS tools available.

Serious inquiries only. Email me and I will contact you with more details.